FOS(Factory Operating System)

Factory operation system for integrated management of all activities such as schedule/work order/quality control/performance management

FOS(Factory Operating System) Line-up

  • aimMES
    A system that optimally manages production resources based on accurate real-time data by collecting, storing, and providing information to optimally perform all production activities from the display and semiconductor factories until the final product is produced
    • Key Features

      • Supports various development environments and operating environments based on the latest IT technology (SOA, MSA, etc.)
      • Non-stop system with load-balancing and fail-over support
      • Provide Visual Designer to define various production processes
      • Provides functions to add and manage factory operation policies (Sampling, DC, Q-Time, Contamination, etc.)
      • Provides multi-lot and fine management function of wafer, glass and panel unit
      • Multi Fab (Cross Fab) operation support
      • China's largest display companies (BOE, CSOT) adopt standardization solutions
    • Architecture

  • aimDSP
    GreenDSP is a dispatcher solution to generate dispatching rules and to dispatch material and equipment by using the rules. The GreenDSP provides integrated environment including the Rule Logic component (activity) and Rule Deploy module to support generating, modeling and mapping dispatching-rules.
    • Key Features

      • Provide Rule Designer that field engineers can easily define
      • Write by Drag & Drop, not based on SQL, and verify through simulation
      • Provide accurate Best Lot and Machine information through hybrid processing method (Tie Breaking & Wighted Value)
      • Providing various rule sets applicable to semiconductor and display major processes
      • Prepare and operate dispatching rules in units of factories, areas and equipments
      • Real-time dispatching from an enterprise perspective through an interface with FP (Fab Planner) or RTS
      • Data can be traced by replaying a specific point in time as a result of rule execution
      • When designing rule, provide visualized debugging function (breakpoint, stop into, go, etc.)
    • Architecture

  • FactoryModeler
    A system that provides the function of modeling the reference information for the factory operation system and the modeling of the operation standard information for the factory optimization operation
    • Key Features

      • Define 4M + 1E (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Environment) for factory operation management
      • User-specific menu access authority management function
      • Prevent risk factors that may occur through the management of authority and history of operating standard information, or provide tracking function
      • Providing verification function to prevent risk factors that may occur due to incorrect reference information
      • Various codes can be defined in a hierarchical structure
      • Provides infinitely adding user fields and various customizing methods
      • Provides custom item setting function for convenience in selecting modeling data items
    • Architecture

  • aimEAP
    Based on the SECS (Semi Equipment Communication Standard) protocol, a system that automatically collects and analyzes data from facilities in all factories in real time and sends it to a higher-level system, which makes it possible to control the equipment.
    • Key Features

      • Efficient manufacturing equipment and data management (intuitive graphic equipment modeling)
      • SEMI Standard Compliance (SECS/HSMS/GEM)
      • Provides Multi Machine Control function to control many devices in a single process
      • Provides various protocols (Rabbi MQ, TIB / RV, JMS, SOAP, etc.)
      • Support for early system construction through test operation
      • Provides operational convenience by handling remote monitoring and control of the operating system simultaneously
    • Architecture

  • aimMCS
    A system that improves the efficiency of the entire production line by improving the efficiency of logistics flow in the factory by integrating and controlling ultra-high-speed, ultra-intelligent, and various logistics hardware (AGV, OHT, Crane, Stocker, etc.) essential for the display and semiconductor industries.
    • Key Features

      • SEMI Standard Compliance (Stocker-SEM, IB-SEM, GEM, SECS)
      • Provides optimal operating scenarios for ultra-high-speed logistics hardware (AGV, OHT, OCS, etc.)
      • Minimized transfer time through optimal transfer routing algorithm
      • Prevents bottlenecks in stalkers and major facilities through dynamic routing and transfer balance maintenance
      • Minimized waiting time through predictive transfer
      • Maximum management of transfer capacity with Stocker Zone, Shared Zone, and Multi Crane Control
      • Provide real-time logistics hardware integrated control function
    • Architecture

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