Factory operation system for integrated management of all activities such as schedule/work order/quality control/performance management

GreenOS Line-up

  • GreenTrack
    GreenTrack is enhanced Manufacturing Execution System to manage all production resources of Semi, LCD Factory
    • Key Features

      • SEMI CIM Framework / nanoFrame Based
      • Focused on Semiconductor, LCD Factory
      • Is Ready to Run on Many Platforms ( HPUX, Solaris, Linux,... )
      • Has High Performance ( 250 transaction/sec on HP IA (16CPU) )
      • Reliability is proven on many factories
      • Based on Component Architecture
    • Architecture

  • GreenDSP
    GreenDSP is a dispatcher solution to generate dispatching rules and to dispatch material and equipment by using the rules. The GreenDSP provides integrated environment including the Rule Logic component (activity) and Rule Deploy module to support generating, modeling and mapping dispatching-rules.
    • Key Features

      • Visual icon-based modeling
        • Easy to understand to both IT engineer and domain knowledge engineer by supporting Visual Rule Modeling
        • Easy to generate and modify dispatching-rules by supporting Drag-Drop based environment
      • Workflow based solution
        • Provide high flexibility of development and customization based on workflow framework
        • Easy to customize. Customization can be done by changing Policy Modeling or Configuration. Rule Logic Activity can be added in Rule Modeler Palette so Provide MES-vendor independence on customization or modification
      • Easy and fast development
        • Domain knowledge focused
        • Support predefined rule sets
      • Rule Trace support
        • Provide a rule trace function to test the generated rules
        • Developer can track each rule of the rule execution result
      • Powerful monitoring functions
        • Visualized monitoring for message, rule execution, command
        • Real-time monitoring
        • Rule performance monitoring
      • Dispatching
        • UI based Dispatching
        • Event based Dispatching
        • Interval Based Dispatching
      • Rule Modeler
        • Workflow based rule design and modification functions
        • Providing integrated Simulation tool and prompt testing functions
        • BUT (Bottom-Up Tracing method) based reverse-tracking function to logic component (activity) of Rules
      • Rule Assign Manager
        • Management functions for assigning the optimized dispatching-rules to the specific equipment or process
        • Functions for reference data migration, policy modeling, rule assign, run & debug
      • Rule Execution Summary
        • Reporting functions
      • Rule Monitoring
        • Real-time monitoring to the result of the conducting dispatching-rule
        • Monitoring the performance for each Dispatcher Application on the distributed dispatcher environment
    • Architecture

  • GreenFactoryModeler
    Factory Modeler provides modeling the master data for factory operation
    • Key Features

      • Easy to use search and management
        • Improved view design
        • Enhanced filter functionality
        • Excel export has been enhanced
      • History Management
        • History management function for creating, modifying and deleting various base information is provided
        • Provides trace function base on history management
      • Custom Validation
        • When creating, modifying or deleting data, it supports customize for validation functions
        • Validation functions can prevent process accident
    • Architecture

  • GreenECS
    GreenECS is a Solution to connect Semiconductor and LCD equipment to MES system. It provides fast and stable development capability based on the graphical scenario builder.
    • Key Features

      • Component basis structure that can control a particular equipment’ characteristics
      • Designed to guarantee independence by equipment or component
      • Not only development, it is easy to maintenance and repair
      • Support deployment and version management in a distributed environment
      • Structure of far-famed the latest IT technology
      • Enables to integrate with source safe, or SVN for team management
    • Architecture

  • GreenMCS
    GreenMCS is material transfer control system optimized for High-Tech industry.
    • Key Features

      • Real-Time monitoring of AMHS machines and materials
      • Optimal Route search powered by Shortest Path algorithm
      • Dynamic Routing and Transferring based on FAB status
      • Workflow-based visual customizing
      • Component-based flexible extensibility
      • SEMI Standard compliant (Stocker-SEM, IB-SEM, etc).
      • Supports most of Middleware and DBMS (Oracle recommended)
      • OS-independent J2SE Platform
      • Active-Active Clustering support
    • Architecture

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