CEO Message

Aim system that customers trust the most.
We will reward you with endless
technological innovation.

CEO Euisu Park

Established in 1996, aim Systems localizes the factory operation automation system (MES), which was dependent on large global companies, and supplies them to the leading semiconductor and display companies in Korea.

Since 2000, we have expanded our solutions in the fields of equipment automation, logistics automation, and machine automation, and expanded our business area by completing the integrated automation solution supply system throughout the manufacturing industry. We are actively targeting overseas high-tech industries and diversifying our customers to realize sustainable growth.

In addition, by actively responding to changes in the business environment represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are endeavoring to intelligent existing solutions by integrating the latest IT core technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. We are also actively involved in the business of developing and distributing small and medium smart factory solutions.

aim System is becoming the most trusted partner of our customers by contributing to the improvement of productivity of global manufacturing companies through continuous technological innovation without compromising on achievements.

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