Beijing BOE G5 TFT-LCD CIM Project
  • Customer BOE Optoelectronics Technology
  • Business Area LCD Panel manufacturing
  • Project term 2004.01 ~ 2005.06
  • Key issues Project distributed geographically and systematically throughout Korea and China
  • Deployed product aimMES, aimEAP, aimITC, aimSPC, Evisor

The Challenges

  • Optimal Array, CF Matching algorithm adaptation due to increase in number of panels per glass
  • Increase in efficiency of Carrier and Glass dispatching
  • Yield management through defect analysis and quality management
  • Common Spec. for Interface with Multi vendor and securement of technology to deal with various protocols

The Solutions

Advanced MES


aimMES isManufacturing Execution System(MES) optimized for semiconductor & FPD industries
  • Real-time data collection by automation and statistic process management
  • Enhancement of factory operation efficiency by standardizing factory information
  • Material tracing and management according to previously defined specifications
  • Accurate cause analysis and quick response to trouble loss
EQP Control


aimEAP is a solution to build a standardized equipment servers(EAP) which control and operate equipment through communication with MES and equipment
  • Independent structure for each equipment or component
  • Structure with easy development and maintenance
  • Fast development
  • Provision of Tool-level simulator (SEComSimulator)
In-line Tool Controll


aimITC is an Integrated Tool Control(ITC) system optimized for FPD industry
  • Optimized Glass shipment logic support
  • Monitoring and management of various tools and materials
  • Convenient user layout setting and equipment modeling
  • Provision of interface service along host and integrated equipments
SMS for Equipment Interface Systeml


Evisor is a management system to control and watch EI (Equipment Interface) programs which communicate with, operate and control equipment in semiconductor and FPD industry in real-time.
  • Multi-user monitoring using ‘Push technology’ to minimized network load
  • Platform Independent
  • Web-based daily work sheet and statistic report
  • Easy and fast failure detection and troubleshooting

The Benefits


  • Geographically and systematically distributed factory operating system
  • Lack of Yield Management
  • Impossible factory automation due to a lack of systems in China


  • Successful support of fast Ramp-up through provision of localized system functions including Line worker education and site support
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance based on rule-based software design
  • Implementation of factory automation system on time
  • Removal of bottleneck by real-time scheduler
  • Unmanned production system through standard specs and online management of equipment
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