MES Integration of 200/300mm FAB for Hynix Numonyx Semiconductor
  • Customer Hynix Numonyx Semiconductor
  • Business Area Semiconductor Manufacturing i>
  • Project term 2005.12 ~ 2006.11
  • Key issues Establishment of a system optimized for operating 200/300mm FAB concurrently
  • Deployed product aimMES

The Challenges

  • Implementation of Wafer Level Tracking system
  • Classification of data management
  • EIS implementation for equipment management
  • Intensive Interlock management to prevent accidents by unskilled engineers
  • Smooth total FAB Integration through quick response to customization

The Solutions

Advanced MES


aimMES isManufacturing Execution System(MES) optimized for semiconductor & FPD industries
  • Real-time data collection by automation and statistic process management
  • Enhancement of factory operation efficiency by standardizing factory information
  • Material tracing and management according to previously defined specifications
  • Accurate cause analysis and quick response to trouble loss

The Benefits


  • Unstable equipment management system
  • Insufficient automation technology to apply 200mm/300mm FAB continuously
  • High risk of accidents due unskilled workers


  • Increase productivity by non-product wafer management
  • Reduction in the data preparation time by EDB establishment and ETL tool application
  • Improvement of process management by the interlock application
  • Real-time monitoring of entire equipments by FAB wide FDC application
  • Enhancement of the equipment index management by providing various engineering reports and supporting the real-time equipment operation rate
  • Fast and successful Ramp-up through provision of localized system functions including Line worker education and site support
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